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Nutritionist consultation and Custom Nutrition Plan

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Getting the proper nutrition in a diet can be a hard thing to do sometimes. Diet plans are just that, plans. Generally, they are not tailored to one person's specific needs, because we are all different. It may work for one group, but not another. Say goodbye to failing at diet after diet once you meet up with Scott from FIT FOR LIFE.

Working with Scott, you will come up with your own unique nutrition plan. With his 16+ years of experience, Scott will make a plan that is specifically yours. Following this plan, you can reach your goals of becoming someone who is fit, healthy, and in better shape! Just look at the before and after pictures for proof! You don't have to give up the tasty foods you enjoy, either! Just because it's a diet doesn't mean you feel like you'll die doing it! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get on the road to a healthy and better feeling you! You're gonna love the person you'll become!

Scott has been an Expert Clinical Nutritionist for over 15 years now

Is one of the top Nutritionists in the country and a well respected leader in his field


Do you want to shed some body fat or build muscle ?

consultations can also be done over skype so you don't even have to be local to do it

the best nutrition plan is one you are going to stick to 

thats why its customised to your likes and dislikes

We don't restrict any food or cut out what you like to eat we find a way of adding it in and still get you to your goals (yes it can be done and yes even chocolate)

you have to eat to lose weight so stand by its a lot of food to eat 

Then book yourself a nutrition plan with our in house nutritionist Scott
Scott will get you to log what you are currently eat for 7 days then have a consultation with you and cater a macro and calorie controlled plan that you can stick to and that get you results.
All plans are broken down in calories, macronutrients and portion sizes of each food all digitally recorded and also printed out for you.
just look at the results that you WILL achieve in the pictures below.
plans are $80 for fit for life gym members or $120 for non gym members