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Custom Nutrition Plan

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One of the hardest parts of getting your body into better shape is finding what is the right and wrong things to eat. Of course, we are all different and what works for one person might not work for another. You may think one food is good, but perhaps it isn't? How do you sort through the clutter and find a plan that is unique to you?

That's where FIT FOR LIFE comes in! You will hook up with Scott, a nutritionist with 16 years of experience. Working with him, you will come up with a meal plan that is custom for your personal wants and desires! You will fill out a food log for a week and then meet up (in person or online) and get a plan tailored to your specific metabolism and needs. You will have a diet that will help you lose the weight, but best of all, keep it from coming back. You can do this! Give it a try today and say goodbye to the old you, and hello to the new!