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Want to know what the famous Fit For Life 8 week challengers eat to get those amazing results you have seen ?

Well here's your chance  with some amazing ideas not just for challengers but those just wanting to just shred the kgs as well. this book will be constantly updated each month and sent to you as the updates happen. one off purchase gives you unlimited updates.

what have you got to lose grab your copy now. 

recipe ideas, how foods work in your body, how to calculate your macro's and calories its all in there.

If you have any issues with your download please contact us at

wanting to sign up on the next challenge and get the custom nutrition plan, supplements and everything else ?

click this link

just more of a way to help you guys get to your goals :) JUST UPDATED with more on nutrition and what foods do what in your body :(macro's) and how to know how many calories to lose weight and gain muscle ect next update due februry



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