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Alpha grip pro

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Alpha grip pro


When your performance depends on your grip, there's no place for moisture and no time to waste keeping hands dry. That's why Alpha grip pro is formulated to work fast and to keep hands drier longer to enhance your ability to grip during physical activity, or hot, humid conditions. Whether it is before or during activity, Alpha grip pro delivers results by quickly drying hands and creating a clear moisture barrier for up to 12 hours to improve grip and enhance performance even in wet conditions.

It can even be used inside of gloves, and will help prevent odor buildup as well!


  • ✶CREATES A CLEAR MOISTURE BARRIER – Alpha grip enhances your grip and quickly dries your hands to create a moisture barrier for up to 12 hours that improves your grip even in the rain. Works fast. Use Alpha grip for any sport or activity in which a firm, dry grip is essential.
  • ✶PROVIDES A NATURAL GRIP FOR ENHANCED PERFORMACE – Alpha grip creates a natural and comfortable grip for sweaty hands, providing long-lasting results. It’s commonly used for IPSC pistol sport, pole fitness, golf, tennis, gaming, bowling, gymnastics, mechanics and industrial work, other shooting sports, etc.
  • ✶SCENTED No horrible smell of alcohol and chemicals Alpha grip comes in three pleasant scents Sandalwood and Creamy coconut and Ms Dior
  • ✶NO STICKY, POWDERY RESIDUE – Alpha grip leaves behind no sticky or powdery residue and is completely mess-free. It’s non-greasy so your hands can be dry and sweat-free for up to 12 hours even in the rain.
  • ✶USE LESS, GET MORE – With Alpha grip, a little goes a long way. Apply to your hands and lightly rub it in and let dry of 15 seconds. Use Alpha grip during any physical activity, especially during those hot and humid conditions.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA and tested in some of the most brutal conditions on earth Alpha grip pro exceeds even our expectations.
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1 Remove the seal from under the cap.

2 Dab then rub the sponge over hands, spread evenly, and allow it to air dry for 15 seconds. enjoy the ultimate grip for up to 12 hours

Registered with AICIS  (Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme)

Please be aware of fake unsafe imitations that may risk your health.

Products not meant for human consumption.

Please be aware

Alpha grip is registered with Registered with AICIS  (Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme)

Avoid copies as they may be a health Risk.

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