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Alpha grip pro

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Alpha grip pro

A new revolution in grip enhancement For the ultimate dry hand grip without the mess.

Alpha grip pro liquid chalk, Alpha grip pro clear, and Alpha grip pole are nonsticky and specially formulated to last. All products include sanitizer and advanced patented antiperspirant and grip technology to prevent your hands from sweating, repel moisture and keep them dry for up to 12 hours, even in the rain.

Tested against leading brands, Alpha grip pro lasts longer and grips tighter. and will not leave a residue. 

Outshines in sports such as ipsc, uspsa, icore, pistol shooting to reduce recoil, rock climbing, esports and gaming, pole dancing, golf, tennis, weight lifting, gymnastics, football and cricket. Or even just to stop your palms sweating during the day.

Take your performance to maximum level with Alpha grip pro.

100% Australian made and owned



Squeeze or spray a small amount onto hands, spread evenly, and allow it to air dry for 15 seconds. enjoy the ultimate grip.

Registered with AICIS  (Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme)

Please be aware of fake unsafe imitations that may risk your health.

Products not meant for human consumption.

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