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Australian Sanitation Lighting (ASL)


The Germicidal light that will create a safer life post pandemic


In 2019, COVID-19 broke out and gradually spread widely around the world. At present, it has caused millions of infections and the death toll has exceeded 100,000. The areas with high mobility and high concentration of personnel are regularly disinfected by chemical disinfection, but this method requires a lot of labor and high cost, and room for error.

ASL LED UVC light(or LED UVC germicidal fixture) adopts physical germicidal technology that makes sterilization more convenient and thorough. Below we will introduce the relevant information of the Aussan LED UVC light to make an informed decision to make your business safe for staff and customers.


Map of the COVID-19 verified number of infected per capita as of 20 AUGUST 2020

What Is an LED UVC Light

LED UVC light is a lighting fixture that uses LED chips to emit germicidal ultraviolet(UVC) light.

Ultraviolet(UV) light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and belong to the area between visible light and X-rays. The invisible radiation includes wavelengths from 100 nm to 400 nm. UV light can be subdivided into four separate regions:

1. Ultraviolet A (UVA)
• Wavelength: 315nm-400nm
• Note: Long-wave. Black light. Least harmful type.
• Application areas: suitable for printing, curing, lithography, sensing and medical applications
2. Ultraviolet B (UVB)
• Wavelength: 280nm-315nm
• Note: Medium-wave. Cause sunburn and increase the risk of skin cancer.
• Application areas: suitable for curing, tanning and medical applications.
3. Ultraviolet C (UVC)
•Wavelength: 100nm-280nm
• Note: Short-wave. Decompose the nucleic acid in microbial cells to sterilize.
•Application areas: for disinfection and sanitising,
Most natural UV light is produced by the sun, about 10% of sunlight is UV light. Only 3% to 4% of UV light penetrates the atmosphere to reach the ground. Of the UV light that reaches the earth, 95% is UVA and 5% is UVB. The sun has no measurable UVC to reach the surface of the earth. 

How ASL LED UVC lights kill viruses and bacteria?

UVC light inactivates the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, destroying their ability to reproduce and cause disease.
DNA and RNA are the genetic material that constitutes an organism and controls its growth, development and reproduction. DNA and RNA absorb radiation at UVC wavelength, which alters genetic material, causing mutations or cell death and failure to reproduce, resulting in inactivation of viruses or bacteria.


Can LED UVC light kill the COVID-19 virus?

According to scientific theory, COVID-19 virus belongs to the category of "enveloped virus" or category 3, and category 3 viruses are the easiest to kill. The LED UVC light can kill more resilient viruses such as small and large non-enveloped viruses (grade 1 and 2 viruses) will also be able to kill enveloped COVID-19 virus.

Why choose LED UVC Light?

1. Broad-spectrum sterilization

Tests have shown that UVC light can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The most important thing is that pathogens cannot be resistant to UVC light like some antibiotics and antibacterial products. So that the environment after anti-virus is healthier.
2. Physical disinfection, no secondary pollution
The LED UVC light is a physical method to kill bacteria and viruses, which can replace some potentially harmful chemical method. After the LED UVC light has finished working, it is safe to enter the sterilized room, unlike chemical procedures that may be difficult to breathe in the room where the chemical has just been sprayed.
3. Movable
There are many lighting configurations for LED UVC lights, including mobile type. The mobile type of LED UVC light allows the germicidal fixtures to be easily moved between different rooms. The mobile type is an excellent choice for hospitals, classrooms, offices and hotels or small retail businesses.
4. Smart
The LED light already has a mature smart lighting system, which can automatically turn on and off by sensing personnel. You can also set the working time to make the LED light work automatically. Because the short-wave radiation emitted by LED UVC light does impact humans, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure of personnel to UVC light. The LED UVC light is equipped with a sensor module. When the light senses the motion of a person, it will automatically turn off to ensure the safety of the person and turn on after 3 minutes of no motion sensed.

LED UVC light from ASL Lighting

The Rona series from ASL Lighting adopts high-quality LED UVC chip to ensure the sterilization effect. And there are three installation methods to meet the two different needs of fixed installation and portable mobile.

Rona series LED UVC light adopts quartz glass to ensure that UVC light can penetrate. Quartz glass has an excellent transmittance in the continuous wavelength range of ultraviolet to infrared radiation. While the ordinary glass with high iron content will block more than 90% of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength less than 300nm. Therefore, professional AUSSAN LED UVC lighting utilises only quartz glass to ensure excellent sterilization effect.
In order to ensure that personnel will not be accidentally exposed to UVC light and cause injury, the Rona series LED UVC light also has intelligent sensing function, which can sense motion and turn the light turn off automatically when the people arrive, and turn on again when the people leave. At the same time, Rona series  ASL LED UVC light also has the function of time switch and remote control switch options.