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Vo2-MAX 20 by BioKey Research boasts 20mg/ml of Cardarine GW501516, which works by activating the same pathways that get activated when we conduct cardiovascular exercise; PPAR receptors. It was originally developed to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases, however it has gained huge popularity among the fitness and bodybuilding scene due to it’s drastic fat burning abilities.

Cardarine works to burn fat by increasing glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue, which changes the body’s metabolism to burn fat for energy instead of muscle or carbs.

Incredibly, it does all this without dropping blood sugar levels like diabetic drugs do and is also completely non-stimulant. Cardarine will help an athlete in two ways; 1. It’s ability to burn fat and 2. It’s ability to help an athlete complete longer and harder workouts while reducing recovery time between sets and increase the number of repetition or movements the athlete can carry out before reaching exhaustion. 

Benefits of Vo2-MAX 20 include:

  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Anti-catabolic

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