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Viper Pre

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A stimulant pre-workout supplement from the Viper Nutrition crew!

Standing tall on the front line with Viper Nutrition's K.O Knockout is the beefed up, stim-based Pre-Workout! , Pre-Workout is a stimulant heavy pre-workout supplement containing huge helpings of caffeine (500mg), L-Arginine (2000mg) and Carnosyn Beta Alanine (2000mg) at its core. Thought you'd seen it all in the world of stim-based pre-workouts? You ain't seen nothing yet. These stims, combined with added BCAAs for recovery make this one of the most impressive and intense pres on the market today. 

Key Factors

  • Next level muscular pumps
  • Insane energy and focus
  • Additional BCAAs for recovery